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Custom  Cleanses

A Delish Girl Cleanse can be a truly transformational experience.  It is a beautiful gift you give yourself.  People choose to start a cleanse for many different reasons, and whatever your reason may be, it is a time to flood your body with nutrition, give your digestive system a much needed reset, and to contemplate your relationship with food.  This service is only available to local clients.

A cleanse may help you...


  • Refresh your body and spirit

  • Blast your body with powerful phytonutrients

  • Give your digestive system a rest 

  • Shed a few pounds

  • Kick-start a healthy eating plan

  • Retrain your palate

  • Detox your body

  • Release bad eating habits

  • Detach from emotional eating

How it Works...

Together, we can decide how many days you should cleanse, decide what kind of cleanse is right for you and, we can get it on the schedule. It's important to pick days that are free from parties, social outings, etc., but you need not take time off from work.  It's better to stay busy during your cleanse. You can share with me any personal preferences or requests you may have regarding your cleanse, and I will customize it just for you!  You will get your box delivered the night before each day of your cleanse.  Please confer with your health care provider if you are unsure if this process is right for you.

Choose your days


1-Day:  Quick reset for your system

2-Day: One step further to reset and renew

3-Day:  Complete cleanse to detoxify and reset

4-7 Days:  A great start to a healthier way of eating

Choose Your Cleanse


When we have a phone consult, we can decide together what kind of cleanse/reset is best for you.  Some people like three days of juice, nut mik and bone broth.  Others might prefer a combination of juices, food, and smoothies.  We will talk about your goals and develop a plan that works toward achieving them.  Some people need a few days to break bad habits and kick-start a healthy eating plan, and some people need a whole week to reset.  Everyone is uniquely different, and this service is customized for each individual client.

The Juices


Every juice is made with your health and your taste buds in mind.  The juices are cold-pressed to preserve the integrity of the nutrients and avoid heat and oxidation and stored in GLASS jars.  I believe that glass is the best vessel to hold your juice--healthier for you AND the planet. I try to make sure each concoction is as nutrient-dense and low in sugar as possible while remaining palatable and pleasant. Lemons and limes are very low in sugar, and I add only a very small amount of green apple. I try to sneak in as many veggies and fresh herbs as possible to give you the most bang for your buck and blast your body with an excellent variety of vitamins and minerals!


Detox Green--a classic green juice that packs a powerful nutrient punch!  The cucumber, green apple, and lime blend together to make an alkalizing, enzyme-rich base, and the stars of the show in this lovely green elixir are collard greens, dandelion greens, and cilantro.  Collards and dandy greens are amazingly high in vitamin K and minerals, they are high in anti-cancer phytonutrients, and our friend cilantro is a beast.  The chemical compounds in cilantro can actually bind to toxic metals and loosen them from our tissues!


Garden Green--this is a summery-fresh green juice that you will savor.  Refreshing cucumber, green apple and lemon are boosted by the nutrient-dense power of kale, basil and romaine.  Did you know that basil inhibits pathogenic bacteria?  It's also high in flavanoids, it's anti-inflammatory, and it's high in magnesium!  Romaine can actually help you sleep, and it's full of alkaline minerals. Kale is a powerhouse in a league of her own.  Kale contributes to healthy skin and hair, strong bones, helps digestion, lowers risk of heart disease, can help lower blood pressure, prevent cancer and the list goes on!


Orchard Green--this is an apple-carrot-ginger combo that will make your taste buds hum and your body happy.  The immune-boosting power of this juice is amazing, which makes it a perfect elixir during the winter months. Ginger is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-nausea along with aiding in digestion.  Apples, carrots, golden beet, beet greens, collard greens, cucumber--this one is full of roots, fruits and greens that can calm inflammation and boost your brain power at the same time!


Spicy Green--a green juice with the subtle yet spicy kick of jalapeno!  Yes!  The alkalizing base of cucumber, green apple, and lemon are complimented by vitamin A-rich carrots, nutrient-dense spinach and the star of this show--jalapeno.  Spinach is off the charts in the vitamin and mineral department, and the jalapeno is not only loaded with vitamin C, but it contains capsaicin, which is anti-inflammatory and promotes healthy blood flow.


Sassy Green--this gorgeous green goddess of a juice gets its sass from green apple, carrots, parsnips, lemon, swiss chard, and PARSLEY! Chard is incredible--it helps protect your eyes, kidneys, bones and your colon.  Parsley is a powerful herb that contains oils and flavonoids that protect your cells and even neutralize carcinogens!  Not just a pretty garnish!






The Milks


Vanilla Dream--Mmmmmmm.  Creamy cashew/almond milk, subtly sweet with a hint of vanilla, is rich and comforting.  Cashews are full of minerals that can help beautify your skin and hair, and the heart-healthy attributes of cashews are IMPRESSIVE. Almonds are rich in calcium and vitamin E. Sipping this delightful beverage throughout the day will help your body absorb some of the fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,K and E) you are consuming in the juices.  It's downright dreamy.  This is also the base for the smoothies listed below.


The Raw Dinners


Rawcos--raw tacos are filling and delicious.  You will get three fresh romaine leaves, cashew "cheese", walnut "meat" and fresh, raw salsa for topping.  It's a tried and true raw favorite!


Italian Zoodles--tender spiralized zucchini noodles are topped with spinach-basil pesto, raw "parm" and chopped cherry tomatoes.  It's a zesty, satisfying Italian treat that's full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to keep your body humming. Chicken optional


Rainbow Cabbage Salad--this is a detoxifying, health-boosting salad like no other.  Almost every color of the rainbow is represented in this delish dish: red and green cabbage, peppers, carrots, cilantro, and more!  With the crunch of nuts and seeds and a rich, sweet ginger-sesame dressing, this salad is a satisfying meal!


Strawberry Love—vanilla cashew milk, organic strawberries, vanilla plant-based or collagen protein


Mint Chocolate Chip—vanilla cashew milk, organic mint, organic spinach, cacao nibs, vanilla plant-based or collagen protein, peppermint extract


Snickerdoodle—vanilla cashew milk, organic banana, almond butter, organic cinnamon, vanilla plant-based or collagen protein


Chocolate Bliss—vanilla cashew milk, organic cacao powder, organic avocado, organic banana, chocolate plant-based or collagen protein powder

Bone Broth

There isn't a food I recommend more highly to enhance gut health than bone broth.  I use 100% organic, pure bone broth made by a company that does it right.  Bone broth is full of the collagen, minerals, and amino acids your gut needs to heal and seal its lining.  The integrity of your gut lining is important as it should let nutrients in to the body and keep pathogens and large molecules out.  The standard American diet of processed food, sugar and alcohol can compromise the integrity of the gut lining, loosen the tight junctions, and create intestinal permeability, or "leaky gut".  This problem gives birth to autoimmune disease and food allergies among other problems.  Bone broth is such an important part of any reset program--especially a cleanse that doesn't involve any solid foods.  You can specify chicken or beef.


*I use 100% organic produce


**What makes my juice different than commercial cold-pressed juices you buy from health food markets or from juice cleanse companies on-line?  All juices that sit in a cooler at a grocery store and juices that get shipped to you have gone through a pasteurization process to extend shelf life.  This inevitably destroys valuable enzymes and nutrients!  My juices are made fresh for you each day.  Another difference--I DON"T USE CELERY!!!!  I am not a celery hater.  It's hydrating and full of minerals. Celery in soup--delicious.  Celery in potato salad--perfect.  Celery dipped in peanut butter or hummus--fantastic.  Celery in juice--TOTALLY TAKES OVER.  It is a very common ingredient in commercial green juices, and in my opinion, it's just too strong.



Cleanses start at $75 per day for 3 days or less and drop to $67 per day for 4 days or more.


*There will be a slight charge for delivery if you live south of Kellog, west of Woodlawn, east of Andover Road, or north of 29th Street.  Otherwise, delivery is included.


*I sanitize and reuse the jars and lids, so I will pick them up at your convenience after your cleanse is over!


Preparing for the Cleanse


Ideally, you should begin preparing for a cleanse a few days before your start date.  Try your best to avoid processed foods, sugar, and alcohol.  The less toxic you are when you start, the less shocking it will be to your system.  Raw fruits and vegetables, smoothies, salads, and clean meals are ideal choices.  


If you are unsure as to whether or not this process is right for you, ALWAYS check with your health care provider before you begin!


During the Cleanse


Enjoy this unique experience, my friends, because you are giving your body a tremendous gift.  If you are doing a liquid only cleanse, you are giving your gut a nice rest.  Your body works SO hard at digestion--nearly 30% of our energy goes to the digestion process.  When we consume fresh pressed juice, our bodies absorb the powerful nutrients within 15 minutes because the fiber that slows down the digestion has been removed.  You are flooding your body with nutrition while letting the gut rest. If you choose to do a cleanse that combines, juice, and food, you are committing to giving up some foods and drinks that may not be serving you, and this cleanse may well be a start to a whole new you.   Listen to your body. If you have a ton of energy and want to exercise, go for it!  Most people maintain their regular routine, within reason.  This is a process of renewal, so honor your body's signals.


Here are some common side effects you MAY encounter during your cleanse: 


*frequent urination (you are majorly hydrating yourself!)

*feeling of calm and happiness 


*more energy than usual 


*less anxiety than usual 


*weight loss 


*excellent sleep

Pace your juices/smoothies/food/broth throughout the day according to the type of cleanse you chose. If you start to feel hungry in between juices, drink some tea, coconut water, or filtered water to help curb hunger.  The cashew milk (if you are doing a juice cleanse) will help with hunger cravings, as well, so drink it when you feel the need throughout the day, or save it as a pre-bedtime treat!




After the Cleanse


After your cleanse, you will hopefully feel refreshed, renewed, and revived.  You may have lost some weight and perhaps your stomach did a bit of shrinking.  You want to ease back into eating solid food slowly and carefully, just as you eased into your cleanse.  Raw fruits and vegetables, smoothies, and salads are great choices, and I also urge you to focus on quality protein, quality fats and healthy fiber.  You may have lost your cravings for processed foods,  and sweets, which is fabulous, so stay on that path!  Celebrate how disciplined you are, and let this be a new beginning!  Want to continue on the path to making sustainable changes to conserve your good health and assist your body in healing?  Click on Menu of Services above to find out how we can work together!


Don't Want to Cleanse Alone?

         Get Your Spouse or Friend on Board!


When starting any health promoting practice for the first time, it can be helpful to do it WITH someone.  Like a new exercise class or regimen, when you have a partner, it can help keep you motivated, accountable, and offer support.  So, if you don't want to go it alone, find an equally committed pal to experience this life-changing cleanse with you!



Schedule Your Cleanse Today!!!!!


Heather McDonough





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