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Safer Skincare

During my health crisis, I began looking at everything--food, sleep, stress, and one of things that really changed the game for me, was when I switched to safer skincare products.  There are already so many chemicals and toxins that we get exposed to on a daily basis.  There are chemical flame retardants in mattresses and furniture, there are pesticides sprayed on produce and inside work places, there are toxic cleaning products being used in places you frequent, and those are just a few.  In this country there are only 11 ingredients banned in personal care products, and the last time the government passed legislation was 1938.  The European Union has banned around 1400 ingredients, so why aren't we as progressive?  Chemicals in personal care products in this country can be endocrine disruptors, and the last thing we need are more triggers for our hormones to become out of whack.  Hormone balance is key in keeping our bodies functioning well, regulating our sexual reproduction, our moods, our appetites, among other important processes. Estrogen dominance is a real problem in this country because of endocrine disruptors in our environment that mimic estrogen.  Estrogen sensitive cancers are on the rise. It's important to understand that what we put on our skin enters our bloodstream in under 30 seconds.  The average woman uses up to 12 different products per day.  We need to be so careful about not adding to our toxic burden when we DO have control over it. 

I began using a cosmetic safety database created by the Environmental Working Group called Skin Deep where I would search for products that got a good safety rating.  It was a great resource, but sometimes the products that would get a good score were obscure and difficult to find in stores.  I was using a hodge podge of different brands, and the searching became exhausting after a while. 


And then, I discovered Beautycounter














It changed everything.  I had found a brand that was VERIFIED by the EWG, that tests every product exhaustively for safety, and makes effective, beautifully performing products that smell amazing and feel tremendous.  Beautycounter is on a mission to fight for safer skincare laws at the legislative level.  They have banned more than 1500 ingredients in their products.  I know I am getting safe skincare for myself and my family, and it's a one-stop shop! YOU DESERVE SAFER SKINCARE! EXPLORE THIS INCREDIBLE BRAND!

Some of my favorites:

  • Overnight Resurfacing Peel--like a mini facial every night

  • Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion--adapts to your skin's needs

  • Daily Shampoo and Conditioner--makes my hair feel amazing

  • Style Sea Salt Spray--adds volume and texture at the roots!

  • Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation--lightweight and blends well

  • Brilliant Brow Gel--I use the light shade

  • Lip Gloss--smells like vanilla and is super moisturizing without being too sticky

  • Balancing Facial Mask--charcoal mask that lifts impurities

  • Balancing Facial Oil--balances oil production and smells fantastic

  • Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen--great for covering up blemishes

  • Illuminating Cream Highlighter--gives you that special glow

  • Sheer Lipstick--like lipstick and lip balm in one. Smells like vanilla

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