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The 30-Day Challenge

Making changes in your life can be difficult, no matter what they entail. Whether it's giving up sugar, coffee, dairy or Netflix, some of our favorite habits are hard to break. Is there something you are (or aren't) doing, eating, drinking that you feel might not be the best for your body or your life? Is it possibly holding you back from reaching your full potential? Dragging you down? Giving you headaches? Keeping you from being productive? Welcome to the 30-day challenge, my friends!

Why 30 days? Well...

  • it's the perfect amount of time! After 30 days you will either see a difference in your life or you won't, and you can be confident that you gave it enough time!

  • it's not forever! Giving up something you love is HARD, but knowing it's ONLY 30 days makes it feel a little less daunting. 6 months is hard. 30 days is a piece of cake (unless you're giving up cake :). You can do it!

  • See a positive difference after 30 days? Congrats, my friend, because you just conducted a life-changing experiment. Didn't see a difference at all? Well, you can go right back to that coffee (or whatever habit you questioned) without guilt knowing you gave it a shot!

It can be really liberating to accomplish a 30-day challenge, and building up your aresenal of self-discipline can't hurt either. Once you tackle one whole month without, think of what else you can do, you little wellness warrior!!! You will learn and grow with each challenge you accept, and who knows what beautiful discoveries you will make in the process?!?

It's going to be FUN and the options are ENDLESS!

What kind of a change do YOU want to make?

Perhaps you want to...

try eliminating processed foods: for 30 days, avoid all packaged foods--nothing out of a bag or a box or made in a factory

try breaking a cycle of negativity: every night, for 30 days, write down 5-10 things about your life of which you are grateful. Try EVERY day to give out at least two genuine compliments to someone--friend or stranger

try breaking up with diet soda: for 30 days, replace that Diet Coke with green tea (metabolism-boosting properties and a little caffeine--woo hoo!), kombucha (probiotics to boost immunity and aid digestion--woo hoo!), Zevia (a non-GMO, stevia sweetened soda) or even flavored water! I like to muddle some fresh mint in the bottom of a glass, add two frozen pineapple cubes or a couple slices of cucumber and some filtered water--voila! Spa water that is much more interesting than plain water!

improve your friendships or increase your social connections: each day, for 30 days, reach out to someone in your life in some way, be it big or small. A quick text, a comment on Facebook, a phone call or an email can make a huge impact. We get so busy and caught up with our day-to-day lives that we let important friendships get pushed to the side. It takes a only a few seconds to let someone know they are important to you. See how it opens doors and increses your connectedness to focus on it for 30 days.

give up sugar (most people's biggest vice and worst health-demolisher): it's not easy as it is said to be just as addictive, if not more, than cocaine! But commit to 30 days, and baby, you will transform your health, your body and your life. After thirty days your cravings will be greatly diminished, if not completely gone. Sugar is everywhere, so be a label reader--it's hidden in salad dressings, processed foods, bread, etc. This is a big accomplishment, and it IS hard but let's put it in perspective. Sugar feeds cancer and can cause diabetes. Chemo is hard. Dialysis is hard. Giving up sugar for 30 days? Easy.

Think about it, my friends. You don't need to wait for Lent, for New Year's Day or anything else. Start making positive changes today. What's your 30-day challenge going to be? I can't wait to hear!

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